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tv   KPIX 5 News  CBS  November 15, 2015 11:00pm-11:31pm PST

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>> live, from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix5 news. >> breaking news in oakland, police were towing cars when a guy showed up with a gun. tonight, he is dead. and we just learned his weapon was a fake. good evening. i'm juliette goodrich. >> i'm brian hackney. the officers were hauling away cars that have been involved in a side show near 90th and bancroft. our joe vasquez is live with what happened next. >> reporter: they are checking into this officer involved shooting but it comes after a long night from about midnight to 4:00 a.m. >> i just heard multiple gunshots like it was pop, pop, pop. so i looked tout window. i saw all the cops coming this way. i saw somebody in the middle of the sidewalk. >> reporter: it all started around 5:30 in the evening when
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they went to 90th and bancroft. a man walked up at a gun and pointed it at officers. when police recovered the weapon from the man, they took this photo of it. turns out it is not a real gun. >> it turned out to be some sort of air soft replica firearm. that has been recovered. the replica looks very real. it looks like a firearm. >> reporter: the shooting was related to the earlier side shores. some of it was captured on social media. take a look. >> they are really hacking about this one. >> reporter: this started around midnight. hundreds of people gathered along 880 there. 880 and high street. when officers responded, they said 200 cars were drives the wrong way down the high street
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off ramp. they spined donuts all over the pavement. at one point, the people were jumping up and down on a parked patrol car. these side shows are happening almost every week. >> it is annoying. it is really annoying. you heard gunshots. and then, it is like, you know, you have to protect yourself. >> reporter: nobody got hurt during the side show's last night as far as we could tell. police made one arrest. and now, tonight, the oakland shooting team which includes police investigators as well as the district attorney's office, they are looking into this shooting. joe vasquez. kpix5. two alameda county sheriffs deputies are on leave after security cameras captured this. they are seen battering petrov
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who had just led them on a high speed chase and rammed his car into their cruiser. they are now on leave while the department investigates. the public defender accuses the deputies of using excessive force. france has launched massive air strikes on isis tonight. it all follows the terrorist attacks in the city. the target, isis strongholds in syria. the french have destroyed a jihadi training camp and a munitions place. the man hunt is on for one terror suspect who got away. police stopped him near the belgian border yesterday but they let him go for some reason. two of his brothers also took part in the attack. one is dead. the other detained in brussels. it is not just after 8:00.
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yeah, just after 8:00 in the morning in paris and kenneth craig shows us three days after the attacks, still a city very much on edge. >> reporter: monday morning here in paris, the city is still very much in a police state. the entire area where we are is blocked off by barricades as the city enters its third day of mourning. fire crackers sent people running for cover at the plaza public sunday. mourners were gather at a memorial for friday's deadly attacks when chaos erupted. >> we should be afraid. and stay home. or if it is safe to go out. >> reporter: there was a stampede as people ran inside a restaurant for safety. near notre dame, people attending a memorial service
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panicked when they saw police surrounding them guns drawn. this woman says we have to get used to the idea that these things can happen. despite the panic, many parisians are determined to fight the fear and refused to change their daily lives. >> it has been kind of emotional roller coaster. >> reporter: the terrorists attacked a concert hall, cafes and france's national stadium. the massacre was well organized and sophisticated. >> they are communicating via encrypted apps which is very difficult, if not impossible for governments to break. >> reporter: in the last couple of hours, there with reports by local french media. a possible terrorism raid and an arrest in a nearby suburb. but we have not confirmed that yet. >> kenneth craig, thank you. back here in the bay area, emotions ran high during a vigil dedicated to the victims of the attack. it took place outside san
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francisco's city hall this afternoon. kpix5's maria medina spoke with one man just back from paris tonight. maria? >> reporter: and juliette, it was somber here. many cannot imagine what happened. but we spoke to one man who actually lived it. >> it was 24 hours of pure hell. >> reporter: halfway across the world, kathlene morearty sent a text she will never forget. >> she said he was fine. >> reporter: her husband was in a cafe just a block away from one of the attacks. as they ducked under tables, brian said he planned his escape if they became the next target. >> i found a broom closet and decided if that happened again, i was going to grab a few of my coworkers and go hide in there. >> reporter: his phone, his
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only connection to his family, the battery almost dead. >> it was just absolutely terrifying. >> reporter: brian returned home to relieved friends and family in the bay area today. just as hundreds gathered outside san francisco city hall for a vigil. [ singing ] >> reporter: the french consulate general asked for a moment of silence. and thanked americans for standing united with them. a bittersweet moment for the moreartys, returning home to his family when others did not. >> i feel for the parisians and the others who lost loved ones there. >> reporter: about 800 people attended today's vigil. by the way, you can see behind me, city hall lit up for paris. paris and san francisco are sister cities. live in san francisco, maria medina, kpix5. in southern california
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tonight, another vigil on the cal state long beach campus to remember a student killed in the attacks. the crowd held candles as they honored nohemi gonzalez. she was at a paris bistro when she and 18 others were shot an killed. the industrial design major was studying abroad for a semester. u.s. flags across the country are flying at half staff in a show of solidarity with france. president obama ordered all government buildings flags be lowered. they will fly at half staff until thursday. stay with us for continuing coverage of the paris attacks on air and online. back here in california, some wild weather from the bay area to the sierra today. this tornado touchdowned down in the central valley this afternoon. this happened in the rural
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county of denair. kelly ryan is there tonight. >> i thought it looked like a ton of birds flying around. in all actuality it was debris. >> reporter: that is what sabina woodard noticed outside her window sunday afternoon. her husband came in to take a look. >> he saidmy god, that's a tornado. >> reporter: she and her husband took cover. >> and listened to the windows. it was so surreal. everything was in slow motion. >> reporter: this is what is left of their home. a garage ripped off. a barn demolished. their el camino sitting unbeneath. the bayless family thought it was a hailstorm until they saw the tunnel. >> it was narrow, but the debris was really big. there were sheets of big metal flying high in the air. >> reporter: their home received damage along with others in town. this church had its shingles ripped off. glass blown out of windows. trees uprooted and power turned
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off from all residents for safety concerns. as residents pick up the pieces, everybody is glad to be safe. not something sabina imagined when the tornado hit. >> i thought wow, maybe this was the end and i was waiting to house to lift up and go with us in it. >> reporter: kelly ryan, kpix5. >> the same storm complex that caused the tornado is bringing heavy snow in the sierras. chain controls are in effect. the snow caught a lot of drivers by surprise. >> i wasn't expecting it to be chilly. i thought it would be warm because of california. >> tell them the truth. you are from chicago. [ laughter ] >> in chicago, this is a normal day. >> a winter storm warning for the mountains and the foothills expired a little over an hour ago. the winds are scouring the bay area, all the result of a big area of low pressure. gail warnings are up. tomorrow will be windy as weapon. at this hour, winds are up to
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34 miles an hour along the coast and these winds will not let up much overnight. as for more rain, we will see what our chances are when we cover the forecast in a few minutes. still to come, new details on the wild tour bus crash in union square. why police think the bus itself may be to blame. >> plus, flames shoot into the air after a gas line explodes in san jose. why firefighters couldn't do anything about it. at first. >> and it is the bay area's hottest new health trend. a full body chamber that promises to freeze away your aches and pains. >> it is pretty cool but i love it. >> but just how safe is it? tonight, we found out, no one is checking. for ,,,,,,
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the 2016 cadillac srx. get this low-mileage lease from around $339 per month, or purchase with 0% apr financing. francisco's union square fr. tor and a >> tonight, investigators are zeros in on the cause of a tour bus in union square on friday. police investigator and the city supervisor tell our joe vasquez the problem was probably the bus itself. >> this was 100% preventable. >> reporter: we caught up with jane kim on a memorial walk down market street. it is a day of remembrance for road traffic victims. this event is held just two days after the wild tour bus wreck that injured 20 people in union square. >> it appear to be a mechanical defect. >> reporter: not only were there mechanical problems with the bus, but also issues with
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the bus company's paperwork. >> yes. i think there are some questions about how recordkeeping has been kept and also, how, you know, how vehicles are being maintained by many of the large tour bus companies regulated by the state. >> reporter: kim who is running for state senate said while tour buses are regulated by the state, she would like to see regulatory powers to local governments especially in san francisco where tour buses crowd the streets. >> without having more information, my guess is some of the companies either don't regularly maintain all of their vehicles. maybe cut corners. to get all of their bus' out to do more business. and that is where i think local regulation can help. >> reporter: joe vasquez, kpix5. >> of the 20 people hurt, six are still in the hospital tonight. this caused a brief scare in san jose this afternoon. a downed power line sparked this gas fire but they couldn't put it out right away. they had to wait for pg&e to come in and shut off the gas first. surprisingly, the damage from
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the fire was minimal. the building itself is the reason. >> the building construction pretty fortunate in the fact that it is cinder block. as opposed to wood frame production. i think that insulated the contents of the building and protected it from the radiant heat of the burning gas. >> there was no need for evacuation. the building was empty at the time. it is a hot new trend in health and fitness. a machine that promised to freeze away your pain. but when a spa worker in reno recently died in one, we wanted to know is it safe? devin fehely found out, no one in california is checking. >> reporter: business is booming, the drop, a cryo
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therapy chamber. for $65, you can step into one of these machines and in just three minutes, it promises to reduce pain, increase energy, tighten skin, and even burn calories. tennis pro mark roberts comes six days a week. >> you are entering the hardest part. it is tending. that is when you get really cool ward the end. >> i love it. like i said, my body is used to it and i know the health benefits. the pain is nothing compared to the pleasure afterwards. >> 800-calories. it beats running. >> reporter: he does it to stay trim. plus, he says it it is a thrill. >> a rush. >> what can happen to your body in three minutes, i fell in love with it. >> reporter: he says cryo therapy is safe despite the death of a employee in nevada. >> you do not do it alone.
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>> reporter: he says protocols are also not followed in another case in dallas in which a woman suffered third degree burns on her arm. >> we make it clear to everyone, nothing wet, no metal on your skin. >> reporter: the question for consumers is how do you know your spa is following the safety guidelines? the simple answer is you don't because no one, not the federal government, the state, or even your county health department is regulating and monitoring cryo therapy centers. >> you can get frostbite, skin blisters, et cetera. because, we don't know how these chambers are actually regulated. >> this is called the cool mini. >> reporter: doctors have used fda approved targeted therapy for years but the claims that it can repair and tighten skin and burn calories cannot be substantiated. >> we found there was nothing peer reviewed specifically in the use of it for weight loss
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or skin toning or skin brightening. >> reporter: so what about faster recovery for athletes? big names like floyd mayweather swear by it. but stanford professor sports medicine dr. michael frederickson is not convinced. >> i don't think there is enough literature to say that it would be beneficial for them. i think we could say that as far as we know, it is not harmful. >> reporter: owner skylar is convinced he is offering a positive safe experience. >> if you look at who is coming in, they have usf fighters. san jose sharks. they have oakland raiders. they have the best professional athletes in the world coming in here. >> reporter: and here in san jose, the cold therapy trend shows no sign of cooling off. >> once i'm done,ly be getting another 20 pack after my ten pack. that is how good it is. >> reporter: devin fehely, kpix5. >> full body cryo therapy has been around decades in europe, but studies disagree how
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effective it is. we have some winds tonight in the bay area. we are heading outside and having a look at the flag that is flying. if that is not proof, i don't know what it is. winds gusting up to 50 miles an hour. point reyes earlier tonight, it will be gusty as the night wears on. right now, san francisco has 51 degrees. thought you would want to know. the rest of the numbers have gone missing. 22 miles an hour in san francisco winds. 21 miles an hour in half-moon bay. the winds have eased up a little bit in the last few hours but they will be blowing the rest of the night, especially along the coast. the low pressure south into the central sierra. gale warnings up. high and low pressure are close. they battle it out. by the latter half of the week, tuesday through friday, things will warm up. it will be on the chilly side of the bay area. the coolest day of the week will be tomorrow. it will be dry as the low pressure settled south, it triggered showers to the tune of a water of an inch to three
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quarters of an inch. over the last 24 hours we picked up 7600s. 4300s at mount diablo. livermore did pretty well. half an inch at saint helena. the. here is what will happen. gusty winds continue through monday. they will ebb, flow, greater than average tonight and tomorrow. temperatures will warm though. not tomorrow, but they will get warmer tuesday, wednesday, and thursday, back into the mid 60s . no rain though all the way through next weekend. we have three weekends in a row of reign on sunday and monday. it won't rain tomorrow though. travel weather forecast, sunshine through the northern half of the state. out at tahoe, it will be brilliantly blue. over night lows, your skin will be brilliantly blue. 38 overnight in santa rosa. 39 livermore and 42 in san jose. sunrise tomorrow morning at nine minutes before 7:00. juliette will be rising an shining to that. 61 in san francisco.
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concord, 60. oakland, 64. lit be cooler than what we usually expect this time of the year. and tomorrow, sunshine in the south bay, all of the numbers you are about to see will range from the u 50s to the low 60s . as a result tomorrow in the east bay, many readings clustered right around 60. plenty of sun. 58 for bodega bay. low 60s will do it for ukiah. windsor, rohnert park. we will be looking at thing to be chilly monday. coldest day of the week tomorrow. and tuesday through saturday for that matter. tuesday through sunday. the numbers will warm into the mid 60s midweek. we will cool it off a little bit in the weekend. temperatures come down. looks like right now, no more rain coming down in the foreseeable future. but we are notlooking that far into the future so we will see. >> and how the nfl is stepping up security in the wake of the
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paris attack. >> coming up next on game day, the return that changed the tide of the raiders game. >> i looked up and the guy was already on their side of the field. >> former 49ers quarterback jeff garcia compares the current downfall to that of 2003. >> you can really see some similarities to what just currently happened. >> big game week. and what better way to kick it talk than to talk with a player. >> i like it. it might be my color. >> big game, big show. game day is next. the n-f-l is beefing up sta security around the ,,,, the n-f-l is beefing up sta
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plenty of ex >> the nfl is beefing up stadium security in the wake of the paris terror attacks. plenty of extra officers were on hand at the oakland coliseum for today's matchup between the raiders and the minnesota vikings. it also took fans extra time to get in through the long security line. >> everybody coming in has a good time. >> the league says it has been in close communication with the department of homeland security to make sure fans stay safe. one nfl player took security into his own hands at the coliseum this afternoon. when a fan ran onto the field. >> one of the best tackles of the day.
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>> that is the vikings defensive back taking him down. three if you count this one. we will be right back. i want to show you some cutting edge technology. this is a vhs tape. push that tape in and hit play. this is a flip phone. have you seen these before? it's called a compact disc. oh. looks like we're getting a facsimile. what year is it to you? it's old. you'd rather use newer technology? definitely. well, i've got something to show you. this is the 2016 chevy volt. it uses extended range electric technology. the prius hybrid uses battery technology developed 15 years ago. chevy expects volt drivers to get over a thousand miles between fill ups. it's got every technology there is. the prius actually belongs on the table.
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>> this next story falls squarely under the you can't make this stuff up category. >> you be the judge. a boston woman has prevailed in her fight to wear a collender
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on her head in a drivers license video. she drivers herself as a pastafarian and the church of the flying spaghetti monster. they initially wouldn't let her do it. but it reversed course when an advocacy group intervened citing religious freedom. >> i'm like you are discriminating against us just because you have not heard of us. how many thousands of religions? how will you know all of them? i hope this opens the door so you don't have to have that hassle. >> some think the church's ideology is a satirical way of opposing other religions. ingly don't want to have a salad at that woman's house. >> no you don't. ,,
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